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2019 Fill Inn Menu (pdf)


Chicken or Fish Buckets to Go

Buckets for Larger groups available. Please call for pricing

***Attention all Customers***

Cash Incentive Program


Beginning Thursday, January 2nd the Fill Inn will begin offering a cash discount program. All pricing of goods and services is priced for cash payments. 

As of January 2nd 2020, purchases made with a credit card will receive a 4% fee that will be displayed on your receipt.  

We have an ATM located by the bar entrance if you would prefer to use cash. The ATM charges a flat $2.50 fee as we are unable to process payments as Debit (PIN)  

You may be asking yourself, “why is the Fill Inn is making this change”? The answer is that it is very expensive for small businesses to pay the credit card processing fees to MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Why are the fees so expensive? Because they charge us (the merchant) a percentage of every transaction to offer the convenience of accepting a credit card to our customers. You know all those awesome points and cash back incentives? Those aren’t free and merchants that accept the card are paying the fees to provide the user with those rewards. While large retailers may be able to negotiate their rates, small businesses don’t have the same buying power. Unfortunately in an effort to sustain our prices, have to pass along that charge to our customers.   

Please know we are making ZERO PROFIT on any of this. That 4% just pays the processor the same amount the Fill Inn used to pay.  

Thank you for understanding that long term this will keep our pricing competitive and all you need to do is pay cash to enjoy the same price you always have 😊  

Please don’t hesitate to ask an employee or manager if you have questions or concerns.